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Genesis Sound® – Sound Tuning MADE EASY!



The Solutions You Ever Need To Transform Your Sound Systems, School Orchestra, Marching Band Group, Musical Instruments Performing Groups or Even Choir Groups To Sound Professionally!

Genesis Sound® – Sound Tuning MADE EASY!

The content on this website gives you an example of how to tunes your sound to ACHIEVE YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE!

Two Easy Ways To Achieve Your Organisation Sound Improvement Adventure!


  • Read through all the pages to understand what are written here and contact me.
  • Contactme NOW to set up a demonstration appointment date to show Genesis Sound Air Tuning in your venues of usage. Again, this is the best way to experiences Genesis Sound tuning Made Easy.

Here are some testimonials


One of the problems I face during recording is the coloration of sound after it goes through the electronic route of equipments into the computer. Genesis Sound solves this problem, making the recorded sound as natural as the original instruments, and also allows the musicians to hear their playing without the need of excessive monitoring systems.

The use of Genesis TRY further enhances vocal quality, allowing the singers to sing with ease during recording.

Au Koh Heim


Effectively improves the hall acoustics and enhances the quality of the music performance. As a result, it is a more rewarding experience for the audience attending the performance. Genesis effectively compensates for the acoustic inadequacy of multi-purpose halls that are not designed for optimal musical performances

Marvin Leung
East Zone Centre of Excellence for Music
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School



What is Genesis Sound Air Tuning Technology?

A Japanese Patent that uses the latest invention of electric field theories on ordinary materials to produce unbelievable results that changes the Air Electron Positioning.

In laymen terms, it means by installing Genesis Sound, the Air is purified closed to clean mountain air quality or clean forest air quality full of ozone or the clean waterfall air quality in urban environment we lived in. Next level experiences of listening to music or playing musical instruments.

Genesis Sound Air Tuning SOLVED sound distortion related problems through AIR tuning.

Usages of Genesis Sound Tuning!

1. Music Appreciation:

1. Recover the actual sound abilities of speaker of the intended sound design.
2. Enrich the speaker sound.
3. Upgrading the audio system with less cost.

2. Orchestra Learning:

1. Helps Students to learn the notes faster.
2. Helps Conductor to teach more effectively
3. Helps Audiences to enjoy a better performance.

4. Helps to Win prices in competition.

3. Recording :

1. Less time need to re-edit. Sound source is closed to recorded source.

2. Portable and light weight for recording in studio or outdoor in event places.

4. Benefits  of Genesis Sound:

1. No electricity needed.
2. Life time warranty of products performance.
3. Reducing fatigue of a person.
4. Bring out the sound notes of drums, string instruments, wind instruments and etc.
5. Give life to the music.
6. Improve CD device or DVD device performance.
7. Tune digital sound close to analog sound.
8. Tune performancing hall for optimum acoustic control.
9. Tune performing stage for ease of performance.
10. Control white noise.
11. Able to change sound mode by using colours.
12. Listening to a live performance feeling.
13. Give musicians a better control of their performance.

5. AIR

1. Clear the Room Air
2. Easy for Breathing
3. Ions the Room Air

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