CK-2 PRO is place in the central (1 set) and is surrounded by acoustic panels in the concert hall. Depending on the size of the hall and sitting capacities, different numbers of acoustic panels are used. Setting of the center pieces can be either on the floor or on top of the ceiling provided it is in the same air field environment.

In some cases, combine two or more pairs of acoustic panels to improve the performances and iron out corners where the reverberation is bad.

Depending on  the hall design, the acoustic panels are arranged either vertically or horizontally or even flat.  The photo show below is placed in a vertical position during one of the setting in Singapore (ESPLANADE) concert hall.  The other are photos of other setting in Singapore Conference Hall. The tuning could improve most difficult locations as most of the hall are not, in the first place, design for music performances or orchestra performances.

Sometimes for certain locations, colour papers are used to improve the acoustic ambients.