Concert Hall Design Consideration for Musicial Performances or Orchestra Performances


Wood grains have many strange attractions and mysterious charm. The wood grain shown in the picture is known as “First Place”. In Takayama, Hida area is famous for carving this type of wood with a single knife. Many Japanese carpenters specialising in building shrines and temples understand the properties of the grain and used the knowledge to constructed unbeliever places that can withstand the tough passing of time.

For centuries, wood specialists skillfully bring out the usage of wood to its fullness abilities because they have gabs the understanding of wood grains and its properties. Many famous handmade instruments like violin, piano, guitar etc are proof of ancient technology that are still value as masterpieces in modern age. Despite of our modern technology and processing technique, we are still no where close to create a masterpieces of instruments compare to a handmade instruments. The sound qualities is different. The master craftsmen with their skillful hand could  customise the wood grains for specific sound producing purposes.

Naturally, in concert hall, without understanding the properties of wood grains, it is quite a serious matter. When Genesis Sound is place on the stage of the concert hall made of wood, the musicians could hear their own music clearly. The musicians could even hear others player music with ease. The audiences could sense the harmony of the performances.

From experiences, on the stage, the sound would steps forward where the wood grains are placed lengthwise. The musicians will feel a sense of “the sound is being absorbed” into space. The musicians will have difficult hearing their own played music. For wind instruments, the musicians will tend to performance or blow harder; they will feel out of breath. If it is an orchestra, it will create a sense of disharmony as there might be pitching here and there. Therefore, modern technology will place monitor speakers for the musicians to hear their music. Still without understanding the wood grains, the monitor speakers will be place in a location not suitable for the musicians to hear, and therefore, increases the volume of the monitor speakers. These again create another problem for the musicians. The string instruments will feel dry.

On the other hand, as the wood grains are place in the directed of the audiences, the music seems to be throwing on the audiences faces. Sometime too much that it felt uncomfortable; Instead of listening music for relaxation and joy, it becomes stress.

If the wood grain is sideways on the stage, the wind instruments musicians will feel comfortable as they will not feel out of breath. Their played sound will return to them. The string instruments sometime become too sharp, the stage will have very strong sound pressure and the musicians will be fighting to hear the music. This maybe cause from the glass background design, the expose metallic ceiling structure, and the material of ceiling used that cause a strong high pitch reverberation. The audience sitting in front will sense that “the music is trap” in a box. It will sound muffler and unclear.

Many concert halls built have classified as prestige of the country. The general manager describes that, “The design of the Germans, who collected the essence of sound engineering and construction.” However, though, the stage is not design for musicians, the concert hall actually sounds terrible.

There are several types of home audio system. The Tannoi of the “Greenwich” series. These are speakers that have been discontinued. Those speakers was design to use the wood and the grains beautifully. It is the craftsmanship. Not just speakers, stringed instruments show surprisingly good, and the use of wood it is still impressive. We cannot ignore the nature of the wood has come so far not.