Flexi Tuning to Achieve Desire Acoustic Quality

  1. Recording in Studio.
    1. Use BSS and HK – 1 on the main supply and socket to harmonise the electricity flow.
      1. Improve recording properity so that the sound quality hear in other location is near recording sources in studio.
      2. clean up the sound (white noise) due to electrical influences on to the Recorded source
    2. Use C-1 on the amplifer (solid tube / tube ) to give depth to the music.
    3. Use Ck-1 in the musician room and setting for effective sound quality
    4. Use Tk-1 on the equaliser
  2. Recording in External  Environment
    1. Use Ck-2 Pro to qucikly harmonise the whole room environment
    2. Use Tk-1 to control the sound direction
  3. Tuning of Choir
    1. use CK-2 Pro to harmonise the choir members
    2. use Try to bring out the vocal of the singer