Sound Space Changing Technology



  • Smooth Real Sound
  • Balance of Sound Space
  • Expand of Other Sound Frequencies
  • You Can Hear Music or Play Instrument Like in the Clean Mountain Air Environment


Usage Of CK-1 in The ROOM

CK-1pho_room03 CK-1pho_room_tn CK-1pho_room02

First, placing the 5 points in the room.( as far as possible, placing it room) There is no worry of the size and shape of the room when placing the 5 points.
eg. long size type, L shape type, square type.
Simple Placement : look at the black dots in the picture. Place it in the 4 walls of the room.

The black piece can be place upsite down or right side up. Placing right to the edge is possible. Placing near speaker or paino at the corner is alright.
Only thing too watch out is to put the gold piece as close to the center of the 4 black pieces as possible. With this 5 points, hight level energy can be vibrated together and electron vibration become high. Strong vibration will be produced.


Usage of CK-1 in the CAR

CK-1img_car CK-1pho_car

For car the 5 points can be place as shown. (as far as possible, place it on the floor). Place it infront of the car. ( deep into the foot place)
Placing it behind the boots is also possible in case of big car.

The 4 pieces will can be place as shown. The Gold piece can be place on top as shown with the gold piece facing down. Distored sound can be reduce and stereo quality could be heard.


Usage of CK-1 on Equipments


CK-1img_amp CK-1apply04-2



Setting And Installation Methods

CK-1apply03The vertical or horizontal orientation of the grain of the gold pieces, you can further fine-tune the sound of choice.

If you want a very strong effect on sound density, or depth, set the grains of the wood as shown in the illustration either in the room or in the car.


This method of setting will spread the sound,  giving a bigger space feeling.Like listening music in an open space. It is more easy listening especially like listening to orchestra music.

CK-1apply01 This setting will improve the overall listening pleasure. More separation can be heard. More forward of the music like in a live performance.

Benefit 1

We desire to provide you ‘natural sound’ through ‘natural air’. Generating electric field through a process to return the impure air to Natural Air.

Benefit 2

High voltage electrodes are used to produce equalized electric field. Energy differences between the electric field and the earth discharges electric current. This is the principle feature used behind this product. We used our patented electric field generator to regulate and discharge specific frequency band ranges into our manufacturing processes. That is, utilizing the electric differences between electrodes and earth creates corona discharging phenomenon into our manufacturing process.

Benefit 3

Processing reactive materials close to light vibrating frequency creates resonance phenomenon, thus, energy appears. This energy is at present being research extensively. Effectively utilization of the energy is much expected. At atomic level, this energy is used to restore distorted electron.

Benefit 4

  • Air adherence is lower in specific surround area. Oxidation in the air decreases.
  • Together with audio equipments, suffocating factors are removed, thus, original performances of equipments obtained.
  • Effective to human good health
  • No electricity need

Usage 1

Placing the 5 points in room or car. It is recommended to place on the floor as first choice.

Usage 2

As shown in the figure, the 5 black spots. Placing the black spots freely in the 4 corners of the room or car as you like will determine the space. However, the gold piece must be place in the middle of the space determined. (Placing the middle spot above the roof is also possible)
Once the 5 points are placed, by the high level dimension energy resonance theory, more effective energy is produced and obtained.
In the case of car, 2 points can be place at the rear of car or in the boots of car. Obstacles are not a problem.

Theory 1

Theoretically, if one of the points is removed, the energy space disappeared. In the case of small area space and one of the points is near you. Recovery of original condition before Genesis sound may not be recovered. Therefore, during audition comparison, collected 2 points from the corner together with the middle gold piece and move it to the side of the remaining points. Original condition before Genesis sound can be obtained.

Theory 2

  • Smooth high tone without distortion
  • Less stuffed of lower sound range, peculiarly in the car
  • Brilliantly expanded the sound area
  • Hidden sound information and texture could be heard
  • Sound becomes alive without any omission of any band frequencies.

As the material are made of natural ingredients, slightly changes to the colour and texture could be seen over time. However, its properties and effect will not diminish.

Name             :  Genesis Sound
Item number  :  CK-1
Dimension     :  35.0 mm X 10.0 mm
Composition  :  Genesis Sound 5 pcs
User manual 1 set

Ck-1 is place in location to expand the sound space so as to obtain harmony in sound frequencies. High pitching sound or low pitching sound could be equalised. The space is define by the individual preferences. The center portion is used to adjust the direction and intensity of sound frequencies.

Location of used are in the room, car, singing room, concert hall stage, musical instruments and etc.

How it works: Sound travel from the sources sources to the human ears through AIR. CK-1 works by adjusting the air molecules and air particals electrical potiential. In short, smooth music could be hear without tiring the ears for long hours.