Fukui Japan Museum  of Prehistoric Artifacts display the effect of Colour and Sound changes effect


“Corner room for color experience” .  The basic theme for this project is to “involved living with color from many historical experiments”. What does it means? This theory of thoughts may be good, however, in modern study of color and life, this corner is also the change in the sound with colour section. I believe this is perhaps the world’s first color room that changes the sound. The planning staff is amazed by the effects.  Sound engineers would think otherwise.  “What? sound changes with colour changes in the room, impossible”, they will say. I would advise them to experience for themselves.  Acoustical technology is the anecdote to “change color quality”. “Virtually” experience it would be a best way to appreciated. It is the purpose of this set up corner in Fukui museum.  ” There is still no theory on earth to explain the sound changes effect with colour”. I do, however, have a theory for it. Even though if I review the theory, I believe that it is still beyond understanding to modern sciences. So, from that senses, just enjoy the music and enjoy the comfort is enough.  If, there is someone that can present the same technology effects of sound and colour, I’d like to compare the technology and learn.