electric-discharge-effect-1Genesis Sound is based on the research on electrical discharge processing technology. It has been 35 years since this technology is being refine and mature by Mr Iizuka. Electrical discharge is a patent industrial cooling water purification system.

There are several methods of electrical discharge. One of them is thunder. Until now, there are no known verify knowledge of high voltage thunder effect studies.  Thunder or lighting is classify as an arts course. However, when material is processed by discharge energy, this energy that the material absorbed actually influence on the sound frequencies. An unexpected discovery. The challenge now is to prolong the discharge effect of energy in material for a long time. Thus, after 35 years, the technology is now mature and complete.


As a music lover, can’t the recording be better? What if the sound recording sources can be control to give better sound quality in CD’s or in audio playback or for any sound sources? Thus, Genesis Sound series are created to improve the sound field. In Singapore, the Genesis Sound series are tested extensively in bands for outdoor performances, in bands or orchestral for indoor performances, in recording studio for recording and mastering purposes, in various concert halls to control sound field for better performances, in school music room and etc. It have tremendously improved the performing ability and showcase the musicians talents.